Partner support page // Start Kit + Submit Article + Payment + FAQ

// Simple Start Kit //

// Submit Article //

1. Do you need the article written? If yes, CLICK HERE; if not then choose #2 or 3 to submit your article for publishing 

Once the article is ready…

2. EMAIL the article(s) direct to


3. Use the form below to submit your article. Make sure to attach images and add links for videos and other URLs that need to be added

    Add image:

    Add video file (optional):


    I accept:

    // Pay for Placements //

    Once you submit the article above, make your payment through the payment page or we will send you a payment link via email (depending on your selection above). We accept credit cards and certain cryptocurrency. 

    // Questions //

    Once payment is made, the article will be published in less that 48 hours.

    1. Get a Polygon Matic wallet – You should set up a polygon wallet at MetaMask.
    2. Add the Polygon Matic network
    3. Add a Token –
    4. Send your Polygon wallet address to and it will be added to your partner account

    Email to confirm that you have not received tokens due to you.

    Use the same form on this page to submit your partner article and make sure to designate it as a partner article in the instructions.

    Payments for placements are done at the time of submission using the payment button. We keep partner records with every submission and will send partner fees each week once funds clear and the paid article is posted.

    Everyone can be considered for the role of Founding Partner. Since we only select a few partners for that designation, we will go through a vetting process first. Founding partners must agree to at least 11 paid placements per month and will be active as a Founding Partner after the first 11 paid placements are submitted.

    All FP benefits will be applied after the partner becomes active (11 paid placements). 

    Yes you can lose the Founding Partner benefits if you drop below the 11 paid placements per month for 2 straight months.