The social media community app for Crypto, NFTs, Web3, Blockchain, and digital technologies.

How The App Works

Through our technology partners, we have built a social community hub that encompasses: Mobile app (iOS & Android, Private Cloud, Self serving digital ad platform. This reduces reliance on Big Tech, offering more flexibility for independent growth and scalability.

Social Gamification

A community activity wall like you see on social platforms but with a twist. We incorporate gamification to incentivize and reward users for engaging with the community.

What does this include:
1. Users can post like they would on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (text, pictures, and videos)
2. Users can follow, like, comment, and share activities with others.
3. Earn badges and rewards for engaging with the community.

Content Distribution

FlagSOCIAL is able to curate and create trusted resources with REAL TIME updates to the community with no limitations. transparent access and unlimited reach to the community.

What does this include:
Ability to share news articles, videos, podcasts, updates,
announcements, and more. Users can share, comment and engage with this content.


Create and join groups / micro communities for a deeper level of engagement around tokens, companies, ideas, interests, and demographics. Compare this to owning your own facebook group.

What does this include:
1. Groups can be public, private or secret.
2. Groups have their own activity wall and chat for you to connect with others.


Chat is a fast, stable, encrypted, and scalable
communication tool with modern UI.

What does this mean:
Ability to chat in real time on a trusted platform that wont have any issues with deplatforming you. You can now connect with other like minded people and chat in real time.